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Project Description

Yes, we have Counters and Variables within Orchestrator but you can't modify variables, what makes it a Constant ! the need of a variable which you could edit whenever you need within the workflow brings you this Integration Pack.

The Integration Pack has 3 components:

  1. Set Variable - creates or set existed variable.
  2. Get Variable Data - get the variable data and publish its data as result published data.
  3. Delete Variable - Delete existed variable.

The Set Variable publish it's name and data so you should use the variable name within the workflow from this component.

The Integration Pack implements the use of PowerShell with environment variables which exists within the workflow session.

Note: to avoid duplication of already exists system environment variables the name of variable you set get the "orch_" suffix.

Feel free to contact me for any bugs or questions.

Regards, Sharon Abarbanel

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